FLAME on film

Bring on the red carpet! FLAME has released its first video, introducing the project and its goal to the world through infographics and commentary from Michael Boniface (IT Innovation Centre), Dirk Trossen (InterDigital), Monique Calisti and Alessandra Scicchitano (Martel Innovate). Fun, fast, and shareable, the video both shows what FLAME can do, as well as

Media provider benefits of FLAME

In our last blog, we discussed the “groundbreaking media delivery platform” that FLAME will bring to smart city infrastructures throughout Europe. Here we look at how FLAME will allow media service providers to develop and deploy novel user experiences. Faster response, better engagement FLAME can deploy services at the edge of the network (e.g. in

The FLAME Project – Transforming experience in digital media ecosystems

Digital media is everywhere. Sports, music, television, art, fashion, business, education, medicine, retail, safety, and just about anything people do uses digital media. What happens to the production, distribution and consumption of digital media is extremely important to everyone. Consumers are increasingly playing an active role when interacting with media, with brands, and with each