FLAME at EuCNC 2017

The 2017 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) recently took place in Oulu, Finland, with the theme of “5G – European Roadmap, Global Impact”. Key components of future 5G networks were widely discussed, such as SDN, network function virtualisation and network slicing, with the keynote speakers agreeing that it is necessary for network operators

Experimenting with FLAME

FLAME aims to offer Experimentation-as-a-Service to FMI stakeholders and to provide business model innovations that ensure the sustainability of FLAME infrastructures and its replicators beyond the project execution. A key part of this is a detailed analysis of the FMI market, which was produced during the first months of FLAME life cycle. The market analysis

The FLAME platform

FLAME has been outlining the main platform benefits as part of the initial work needed to develop and deploy a Future Media Internet delivery platform starting in 2018. The main target is to provide a significant leap forward for media delivery supporting personalized, interactive, mobile and localized (PIML) workflows. The FLAME platform provides this leap

How to join the FMI ecosystem

Lighting the FLAME for the Future Media Internet Ecosystem Launched in January 2017, FLAME aims to establish a Future Media Internet (FMI) ecosystem based on the Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS) paradigm. This ecosystem will be capable of supporting urban-scale experimentation with novel FMI products and services, using real-life adaptive infrastructures encompassing not only the compute and storage

The FMI Vision: Use Cases and Scenarios

What is the vision for the Future Media Internet, and how could it be used within FLAME? FLAME aims to optimise media content delivery by enabling deep interactions between media service providers and an underlying network using software defined networking and information centric networking techniques – features not seen in today’s infrastructure. This FMI Vision

The FLAME Vision and Objectives

Society is increasingly reliant on rich and interactive digital content to enhance and support almost all aspects of life. Sports, music, television, art, fashion, business, education, medicine, interior design, retail, and just about anything people do is affected by digital content. Production processes are increasingly digitised. Demand is shifting towards Personalised, Interactive, Mobile and Localised