Basic information

Title: Kalliope Flame Experience
Acronym: KFE
Company: Iglor Soluciones Audiovisuales Avanzadas S.L.
Trial/Replicator: Trial
Type: SME

Where: Barcelona
When (time-plan): January to June 2020 (6 months)

Project summary

Kalliope is a transmedia communication platform for massive audiences that allows the real time delivery of multimedia content directly to end users’ smartphones. Its goal is the implementation of personalized immersivity, inclusivity and accessible participation during live events. The platform applies the IoT pub/sub paradigm to communication with big crowds, enabling the personalization of the communication with your audience. It is based on a combination of MQTT and HTTP protocols, among others. Kalliope has already been successfully applied to:

  1. Create media landscapes and engage massive audience through real time interactions, in operas and large-scale performances (>40k users) with the theatre company La Fura dels Baus.
  2. Enable live and inclusive accessibility services in the European Parliament.
  3. Enhance the participation of the audience in a congress, connecting with 10.000 simultaneous users in the Telmex Foundation event in the City of Mexico. 

Our participation in the FLAME project will allow us to prepare Kalliópê for the next-generation infrastructures and associated market opportunities in accessibility delivery services (supporting and synchronizing live streaming services such as audio-description, sign language or multi-language text messaging). The versatile character of the platform and its application to new formats will directly impact in the improvement of Kalliope towards the live and synchronized multimedia delivery services.

IGLOR Soluciones Audiovisuales Avanzadas S.L. has been focused on the design and development of ICT solutions for the creative industries, acting as consultants or third parties of different national institutions and companies. With Kalliópê, IGLOR enters into a new stage and changes the value model from the ad-hoc project oriented and consultancy services to a product-based company oriented.