Basic information

Title: Dynamic orchestration, customization and delivery of Mixed Reality holographic media content at the network edge
Acronym: HoloFLAME
Company: Intellia ICT
Trial/Replicator: Trial
Type: Start-up

Where: Buseto Palizzolo (Italy)
When (time-plan): January to June 2020 (6 months)

Project summary

HoloFLAME will provide a framework for MR applications to be executed over the FLAME infrastructure by leveraging the full range of features offered by an open, interoperable, programmable and secure infrastructure for media services.

In particular, the project foresees the adaptation of an existing MR application of the company. The considered MR application retrieves and visualises AR/MR content about events including 3D maps, paths and routes, 360-degree videos, Points-of-Interest (POIs), etc. In the context of HOLOFLAME, the existing application will be extended with the capability of mobile crowdsensing by allowing users to enrich our database with new multimedia content that can be used by other participants and visualised in the MR application. By exploiting the unique service routing capabilities offered by FLAME, the users will be able to create dynamic MR scenarios by uploading, customising and delivering AR content. The MR scenarios will be decompiled in a series of service functions (for AR content, storage, execution, content delivery) that will be accessed via the network. A series of stress testing scenarios will be applied to assess the performance of the FLAME platform and infrastructure under different requirements imposed by the MR application in terms of: (i) network capacity, (ii) network latency, and (iii) quality of user experience.

By taking advantage of the FLAME control plane and service routing capability, HOLOFLAME targets to reveal best practices and adaptive strategies for the optimal delivery of AR content to users located at the edge of the network. In particular, HOLOFLAME aims to deliver personalized, interactive, mobile and localized (PIML) workflows by simplifying complex media material at the edge of the network. Under the scope of an existing MR product of the company for the visualisation of dynamic AR/MR scenarios based on QR codes, we measure and analyze the performance of available infrastructure and we experiment with different configurations and application requirements to provide useful recommendation to FLAME practitioners. We also study the interplay between these metrics and AR content. The main outcomes of the experiment will be (i) an adapted MR application aligned with FLAME service functions, (ii) a set of service functions for the execution of AR/MR applications over the FLAME infrastructure, and (iii) a set of practical recommendations for the FLAME community and experimenters to support efficient AR content delivery. Development, validation and testing will take place in Mixed Reality devices such as iPhone X (iOS), Google Pixel (Android) and Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Platform. A preliminary alignment between the HOLOFLAME modules and FLAME is depicted below.

HOLOFLAME will conduct detailed experimentation and performance analysis of the media delivery technologies provided by the FLAME platform to support a wide range of Augmented Reality (AR) scenarios using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Mixed Reality (MR) hardware. The tests will be executed over the Level7 infrastructure located at Buseto Palizzolo, Italy. Based on the interests expressed by the Buseto Palizzolo community, the set of scenarios will be related to the field of Agritourism. The scenarios that will be developed will be based on interactive media and material related to an existing local event taking place annually in the community of Buseto Palizzolo. The scenarios will be tested and validated in the same event that will take place in 2020.