Basic information

Title: Mobile DASH services using NFV for small cell networks
Acronym: MoDASH
Company: Cognitive Innovations
Trial/Replicator: Trial
Type: SME

Where: Barcelona
When (time-plan): June to December 2019 (6 months)

Project summary

MoDASH is considered a solution towards future multimedia services. In particular, we aim to future mobile DASH-enabled virtual reality (VR) applications. The low-latency and reliable distributed networking and computing solutions are addressed with our solution. FLAME platform provides an excellent infrastructure that can accommodate such an experiment with high degree of prototyping and deployment.

The overall infrastructure allows deploying a solution to the edge of the network orchestrating a Quality of Experience (QoE) for the end users over the wireless access network. The proposed QoE orchestration provides many 5G relevant future functionalities such as QoE parameters reporting and metrics estimation that are relevant to the VR user experience. The proposed QoE orchestration is deployed through the programmable FLAME-in-a-box framework. Future media service providers can support dynamic service request and routing capability. Such a solution can offer the potential to significantly reduce the overall costs while ensuring fast availability of services towards end users.

Overall, MoDASH aims to the QoE orchestration for mobility and interactivity provision in case of future multimedia services such as VR over wireless access networks. The trial will provide the management and orchestration of the following service functions through the EDGE and OMEGA servers:

  • Data offloading: the data offloading mechanism will transfer and cache chunks of multimedia files at the street cabinet’s storage hardware where an edge server will be deployed.
  • Computation offloading: the mitigation of the streaming and the transcoding services, which are critical for the DASH delivery to the EDGE server.
  • QoE-aware resource management: in case of an interactive video, video content transcoding to a large set of videos with different bitrates and resolutions is provided.
QoE orchestration for future mobile DASH services in small radio access networks.

The proposed QoE orchestration follows a cross-layer design (through the CLMC) approach in order to monitor the QoE delivery and to manage the network resources in order to provide QoE to the connected end users.

Cogninn exposes high expertise in the area of cognitive networking using software technologies. The MoDASH trial is towards cross-layer solutions to future mobile VR applications that Cogninn targets to incorporate in their platforms given the progress in the standardization in terms of QoE provision and measurements.

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