Basic information

Title: Augmented Reality Smart Guidance Application based on Edge Computing
Acronym: RAISE
Company: Eight Bells Ltd
Type: SME

Where: Barcelona
When (time-plan): 01/11/2018 until 30/04/2019 (6 months)

Scope / objective(s) of the trial

RAISE experiment has the following key objectives:

  • To design and develop a system architecture that encompasses the RAISE functionalities in order to deliver AR content to the end user, enhanced by the MEC features offered by FLAME.
  • To develop the RAISE application by using an AR development environment and to integrate open source libraries for mapping data, camera posing, geostorage, and video display.
  • To enable multicasting, improved latency and faster service deployment by the use of edge capacity and smart flexible routing.
  • To experiment with the developed RAISE tools and application and to evaluate the real-time RAISE AR system.
What are you trying to learn? Technically, and regarding experience?

8BELLS designed and executed the RAISE experiment that proposes a novel application that offers enhanced guidance in urban environments and live AR video streaming. With the target to introduce new opportunities for the sectors that are involved in active production and distribution of media content such as, Augmented/Mixed Reality, multicast, advertising, and beyond, the RAISE innovative application makes use of the FLAME MEC infrastructure to achieve faster access to media and services, lower latency, and higher embracement of the experience.

Summary of methodology

Although the RAISE app is not exactly the same as having a local guide around, still it is close enough to provide a ‘feeling’ for the city more quickly than would be possible before. 8BELLS has understood from the early stages of AR that it is not only a novel entertainment platform, rather a market that evolves very fast, transforming the digital world. Thus, being an SME with limited resources, 8BELLS followed a lean approach towards the RAISE exploitation. Initially, geo-based augmentations were rendered and displayed in AR video frames, and in the following, through a customer discovery and development process, navigation capabilities were added to achieve the right product/market fit.

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