The FLAME project has reserved more than 2 Million Euros for Open Calls!!!

FLAME is investing more than 2 Million Euro for 3rd party organisations to establish next generation media ecosystem in several European cities. Stay in touch with us and don’t miss your chance!

A unique opportunity to explore the viability of new media workflows and highly localised content delivered using adaptive software-defined infrastructures. Improve experience for consumers, reduce complexity of service development, reduce cost of personalised on-demand content, and become creators of digital innovation.


The FLAME platform will be opened to allow industry, SMEs and entrepreneurs to conduct experiments in real-life experimental infrastructures and gain insight into the performance, acceptance and viability of their solutions.

Moreover, the platform will be expanded and replicated by 3 selected FLAME Replicators. Replicators are research and innovator actors that will engage in the process of replicating the FLAME infrastructure at other locations – FLAME is right now being deployed in Bristol, Great Britain and Barcelona, Spain – providing capacity for experimentation.

The proposers can be Industries, SMEs, Start-ups, and aspiring FLAME replicator infrastructures that are eligible to participate in Horizon 2020.


Be part of the Media Ecosystem Revolution!

More details and information will follow soon.
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