Meet FLAME at EuCNC 2018

FLAME’s urban scale 5G testbeds provide unique opportunities to explore the acceptance, viability and performance of 5G networks. By focusing on media services the benefits of 5G can be experienced by consumers whether they are having fun, learning or just exploring the world. The main ambition of FLAME is to establish transformative media ecosystems that benefit everyone from consumers and content providers through to the operators of communications, transport and building infrastructures. The launch of FLAME’s testbed for urban scale trials is a major milestone in the evolution and adoption of 5G.

At EuCNC 2018, the project’s coordinator Michael Boniface, Technical Director at the University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre, will present “Insights into media service delivery using real-life 5G infrastructures” at 11:30h CET at the Workshop 1 Vertical Industries & Services for 5G (VIS5G) taking place on Monday the 18th June in the meeting room Štih Hall. At the same workshop, Dirk Trossen, FLAME’s Technical Manager and Senior Principal Engineer at InterDigital, will then be part of the Future Trends in Media Distribution Panel, 11:45h-13:00h.

Come, meets us and discover FLAME!