Leading thinkers consider FLAME’s impact in future interactive media

The FLAME Experimentation Impact Board kicked off this week to explore how the project can engage both the creative industries and technology providers with the benefits of the FLAME platform.

By bringing together leading thinkers in the future of interactive media and digital innovation, the Board aims to review FLAME’s vision for interactive media, strategy for implementation and progress of trials and experiments to help ensure that its priorities are correct and the desired impact delivered.

The board explored the high relevance of personalisation and immersive experiences; how to engage SME’s working in AR/VR through innovation hubs and accelerators; how to scope trials within the creative industries whilst maintaining engagement with other sectors such as health and security that could benefit from FLAME; and the need to provide a workable IPR framework considering the multi-stakeholder nature of the systems.

The board will continue to work on these topics in preparation for the FLAME open call, expected Spring 2018. They will also be engaging with the community for discussion and debate on how to engage the creative industries with the FLAME ecosystem at the FLAME workshop “The Future of Digital Media in 5G networks and the Next Generation Internet,” co-located at the NEM Summit, Madrid on 30 November 2017.

The Experimentation Impact Board consists of representatives the FLAME consortium and external advisors.

External Advisors

  • Michel De Wolf – DWESAM Engineering
  • Ingrid Willems – DataScouts
  • Pierre-Yves Danet – Orange
  • Jean-Dominique Meunier – Technicolor

Industry Consortium Partners

  • Mike Matton – VRT
  • Josep Martrat – Atos
  • Julia Chatain – ETH Zurich

Project Leaders

  • Michael Boniface – IT Innovation
  • Stephen Phillips – IT Innovation
  • Dirk Trossen – InterDigital
  • Dr. Monique Calisti – Martel Innovate