How FLAME delivers better augmented reality and crowd streaming experiences

FLAME has produced a new video explaining the benefits of FLAME’s cutting-edge Future Media Internet (FMI) platform. The three-minute video shows how FLAME can be used to enhance and amplify media delivery in the real world through a simple animation

The video, Getting started with FLAME, shows how the platform can provide a personalised Augmented Reality (AR) experience, crowd streaming and improved interaction between citizens.

FLAME works in the broadcast media gaming and transmedia vertical markets to develop exciting applications for the future media internet.  This brings value to many sectors such as the creative industries, education, healthcare and smart cities.says FLAME project coordinator Prof Michael Boniface from University of Southampton IT Innovation.

The video also explains how third parties can benefit from using the platform and encourages SMEs and researchers to get involved in the Open Calls.

“This film uses animation and voice-over to introduce the FLAME platform. It shows how we’re using cutting-edge technology to create a sustainable FMI ecosystem via experimentation, collaboration and innovation,” says FLAME’s leader of ecosystem engagement Dr Monique Calisti from Martel Innovate.

The video combines fresh, modern graphics with simple language, to make it accessible to the general public, as well as providing some technical background on the project for students, SMEs and those interested in our Open Calls. Take a look for yourself!