FLAME final event

Highlights from the FLAME Grand Finale event

FLAME’s Grand Finale event “Bringing Media And Telco Together In The 5G Value Chain” brought together FLAME partners and media company experts who shared their project highlights as well as insights from demonstrating their experiments on the FLAME platform.

FLAME final event

The event kicked off with project coordinator Michael Boniface thanking all 11 consortium partners who have taken part in the project since it started. The FLAME project is an EU H2020 Research and Development grant which ran from January 2017 to September 2020. Over almost four years, the €6.9m project invested €2.2m in third party project investments, running experiments in four European locations: Bristol (UK), Barcelona (Spain), London (UK) and Sicily (Italy). More than 20 third party experiments and trials took place over this time, testing artificial and virtual reality, as well as immersive broadcasting content over the FLAME platform.

You can watch the recording of the event here.

The virtual event demonstrated how media companies have developed new services with 5G through real-world trials using the FLAME platform as well as lessons learnt and future directions for 5G adoption and beyond towards 6G.

Broadcast media providers gave their views on the challenges they faced entering the 5G arena as well as the exciting potential of new ways of engaging viewers in media content.

World-leading companies showcased collaborations through user facing trials to deliver enhanced user experiences and more cost-effective content. The 5G interactive media services included location-based artificial reality storytelling from Disney in a pirate-themed interactive adventure, based on legends from Bristol, England, where the trial took place.

In the session ‘Views from the Wider 5G Ecosystem’, telecommunications and new media experts gave their views on integrating vertical services into new value chains depending on adaptive and distributed computing infrastructures reaching to the edge of networks.

Telco and Operators view:

The final session took a closer look at Smart Networks and Services – Moving beyond 5G. The expected impact of 5G on the media market sector is huge, shaping next generation mobile communications from mobile edge computing to network slicing. The transformation of the network enables new services and business models across a variety of sectors.

The experience gained by the FLAME project may benefit the Smart Networks and Services partnership proposal for Horizon Europe, from more than 1,000 organisations in the EU. The SNS aims to define and implement the research, innovation and deployment roadmaps that will enable Europe to lead in the creation of the next generation of smart network technologies and services.

Participants and interested parties are encouraged to continue the discussion about the challenges of adoption and utility of 5G service delivery models, and to reach out to any of the early adopters to bring lessons learned and best practices on 5G benefits to broadcast and interactive media.