FLAME tested in Bristol

InterDigital and Bristol-is-Open (BIO), in partnership with CTVC Ltd conducted their joint open trial from July 10th-30th. As part of the H2020 POINT project, the trial showcased a major innovation driving the FLAME platform as it is currently built, namely the FLIPS (Flexible IP services) solution of InterDigital.

In this trial, a treasure hunt was conducted between teams of players. The teams were sent out to uncover hidden treasures in the city of Bristol. Teams were randomly assigned to either the novel FLIPS solution or a standard IP-based solution, and were required to solve riddles related to their location. Solving these riddles required that the teams explore the city cooperate through the use of videos. As they played, they experienced the differences in video latency and interactivity of the game. Conducting the trial at BIO represents the first major milestone in the readiness of the infrastructure to conduct such experiments utilizing the FLIPS solution throughout 2018.

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