FLAME ignites MWC 2018!

FLAME made a big impact at MWC 18 in Barcelona. Over the course of the event, FLAME was presented to both the Ministerial Programme and the general audience, announced the Open Calls, which in turn mark the launch of the first urban-scale 5G testbed.

“The FLAME project offers groundbreaking and unique technologies setting this 5G testbed apart from all that have come before it,” said Dirk Trossen, FLAME’s Technical Manager. “We’re honored to be a part of the first real-life insights into the transformation of 5G media delivery and the enablement of new media services for smart cities. The launch of the urban-scale testbed is truly a milestone for the advancement of 5G.”

As the first 5G testbed which will enable the first consumer-focused, real-life trial of 5G technologies to transform user experience by faster access to media and new services, FLAME is making history.

“The ambition of FLAME is to create a sustainable ecosystem in which innovative players in the media and creative industry can test and validate their offering, speeding up their time to market. Availability of funding to run experiments will also be key in gathering top-notch innovators that will contribute to enrich FLAME!”

In all, it was an exciting time for FLAME, and interest in the Open Calls was high. Read more about the announcement here, and follow the Open Calls on the website and on twitter!