FLAME has initiated a number of standardization proposals with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). InterDigital, together with authors from Huawei, presented a revised version of the ICN (information-centric networking) deployment draft to the ICNRG, including strong references to the FLAME project and its planned large-scale deployments of what is characterized as an ‘ICN underlay’. A new revision will be submitted shortly with the expectation to be adopted as a RG draft soon.

In the Service Function Chaining (SFC) WG, InterDigital presented a use case on service request routing, aiming at supporting highly virtualized environments with high dynamicity such as those realized by the FLAME project. The response to the draft was very positive, and follow-on actions have been already agreed. Last but not least, InterDigital organized a side meeting on ‘service routing over layer 2’, presenting use cases on mobile edge computing and cellular systems akin to those discussed in the FLAME project, with the aim to create necessary standardization efforts in this space. The meeting mobilized some 30 participants, resulting in concrete actions to move the discussions forward towards the next IETF meeting in Singapore.