Monique Calisti announcing FLAME's 2nd Open Call at SCEWC

FLAME 2nd Open Call announced at SCEWC

Monique Calisti announcing FLAME's 2nd Open Call at SCEWC

The FLAME second Open Call was announced last week at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel Innovate and Impact Manager for FLAME, announced the Open Call in a morning session on November 14, 2018. The call will be open for submissions from 5 December.

The FLAME session attracted a good number of interested parties and the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) was very well attended overall. The conference, now in its eighth year, had around 2,500 visitors, 850 exhibitors and 400 speakers for the 2018 edition. The visitor list comprised people from 146 countries, with more than 700 cities represented.

“We were pleased to launch FLAME’s second Open Call at this year’s Smart City World Expo Congress. With its mix of innovative ideas, future focus and attendees from across the world, SCEWC was the ideal place at which to present FLAME’s latest opportunities for SMEs and replicators,” says Dr Calisti.

FLAME’s 2nd Open Call asks for 3rd party projects to explore edge experiences considering consumers’ desire for personalised, localised and interactive media content delivered through current and emerging human-computer interfaces used in outside spaces or between outside and inside spaces.

There are two parts to the call – one for SME trials and the other for Replicators, by 3rd party projects. FLAME has eight slots available: five for SMEs and three for Replicators.

SME 3rd party projects will run for 6 months, with a start date of May 2019 and available funding of 70’000 Euro each trial. The target is innovative OTT media technologies, ISPs and vendors.

Replicators 3rd party projects will run for 14 months from a start date of May 2019, with available funding of 130’000 Euro each replica.

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