Discover the Future of Digital Media and the NGI @ NEM Summit 2017

Digital media is everywhere, and consumers are increasingly playing an active role when interacting with media, with brands, and with each other. They are always connected and increasingly surrounded by sensors, computing and communication infrastructures in their homes, buildings and public spaces. Add to this the rise of immersive technologies offering virtual- and augmented reality and interactive location-based experiences, and new and exciting opportunities arise for new user experiences, services and business models.

This will also bring about massive structural change that will disrupt digital media ecosystems. To prepare for this, the FLAME (Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation) project has prepared a workshop on the Future of Digital Media in 5G Networks and the Next Generation Internet (NGI) in collaboration with the organizers of the NEM Summit 2017 in Madrid.

The workshop aims to gather leading experts working in the areas of digital media and communications to explore this structural change. Immersive media, such as 3D tele-immersion and mixed reality, are highly interactive and time critical. Infrastructure performance matters to user experience, much more than for today’s on-demand streaming services. Getting the performance at scale at acceptable costs will be essential for adoption of future media services.

Attendees will discuss new forms of social and interactive media experience building on emerging 5G networks and the Next Generation Internet, and hear from leading broadcasters and media service companies working in areas such as participatory media, highly mobile media, augmented- and virtual reality. There will also be an exploration of the FLAME project, which is building a ground-breaking media delivery platform. What’s different with FLAME is the possibly tighter integration of media services with the programmable compute, storage and communication infrastructure of Telcos.

There will also be an introduction to the FLAME open calls, through which over two million Euros are available to organisations wanting run trials and experiments. Open calls provide the creative industries, telecommunications industries and smart cities stakeholders the opportunities to explore performance, acceptance and viability of highly localised media products and services. Companies get access to a programmable city infrastructure, testing tools, knowledge bases and expertise to scale solutions.

The workshop takes place 9:00-13:30 on November 30th as part of the NEM Summit.
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