The 1st architecture specification for innovative future media service delivery platform

FLAME has published the 1st architecture specification for its innovative future media service delivery platform.


D3.3 FLAME Platform Architecture and Infrastructure Specification 0.00 KB 1731 downloads

D3.3 provides the first version of the FLAME platform architecture and infrastructure...


The specification describes platform features and component-level architecture and interfaces, along with a comprehensive set of media use cases and scenarios from leading media service providers and content providers that have driven design decisions. The specifications highlight the significant FLAME innovations in the areas of flexible routing, dynamic service endpoint management as well as cross-layer management and control, which in combination significantly advance the state-of-the art of orchestrated software platforms for 5G.

The platform will ultimately be realized as virtualizable software components deployed over urban-scale infrastructures in Bristol, Barcelona and beyond. The plan for roll-out of a first alpha release of the platform is Feb 2018 with early validation trials starting in Spring 2018, followed by a further 20+ trials conducted throughout 2018 and 2019.

If you want more information on platform technologies, the benefits for media service delivery or are interested in participating in trials please contact us!