Urban Hacking in 5G

June 17, 2019 – June 20, 2019 all-day Europe/Zurich Timezone
We The Curious
Millennium Square, Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5DB
Dr. Hamid Falaki



Registration is now open & is free for delegates as well as visitors.

FLAME Showcases

FLAME will showcase innovations in core 5G technologies and their operations in a live deployment in Bristol’s Millennium Square. These innovations will be utilized to demonstrate new forms of inclusive, participative and entertainment experiences that will benefit citizens whilst operators will be able to intelligently and efficiently place services anywhere in the city infrastructure, turning today’s street cabinets into micro data centres and avoiding the need for public clouds.The three showcases will allow attendees to get their hands on the 5G media technologies and try it for themselves:

  • Urban Gaming: Ever wanted to have fun growing virtual gardens in urban settings? Join a multiplayer Augmented Reality game called “Gnome Trader” that allows players to compete to grow the best garden by trading seeds with virtual gnomes located in market stalls within the millennium square. This fast-paced game provides a unique narrative and interactive elements that blend virtual content into physical reality. Using FLAME, 3D assets can be created and distributed between citizens in an entirely localised infrastructure with no need for centralised cloud services.
  • Accessibility at Large Scale Live Events: Ever wanted to experience a live event without the hustle and bustle of the crowds? New accessibility environments will allow people with disabilities to get involved in the action through dedicated “inclusion zones” that use 360-degree video Live Streams to immersive people remotely bringing them as close to actually being at those events. Using FLAME, the massive demand and cost of high-quality content distribution needed for multiple 360-degree video streams can be dramatically reduced.  This showcase is a small-scale preview of the larger-scale activity which is planned for the Harbour Festival in July and it aims to provide a simulation of how a larger trial will support and expand inclusion.
  • Hackathon: Ever wondered what can be created with 5G technologies? Well following a few days training, the winning software development team from FLAME’s hacking event will have an opportunity to demonstrate their creative endeavours to the public. Using FLAME, building new 5G experiences and solutions is as simple as developing and installing a mobile application.


The FLAME 5G service delivery platform allows media services to be placed deep in the network, in metro datacenters and at the very edge of the network in urban street cabinets. Because FLAME knows where services and content are and where they need to be, content and service requests can be routed to the best possible network location, ensuring the right content is served to consumers from the best place in the network in the quickest time. These decisions are fast and driven by where, when and how consumers want to interact with augmented reality, virtual reality and video.

Challenge 1 – Broadcast:

  • Participatory media presented by VRT
  • Imagine everyone is a broadcaster participating in the co-creation of urban digital stories. Can you find solutions to localised production and distribution using edge interaction patterns where the infrastructure and resources more closely aligns with the communication needs to consumers? Can you do this  within the intelligent edge without requiring public clouds and backhaul networks?

Challenge 2 – Gaming:

  • Storytelling and gaming presented by Disney Research and ETH Zurich Research
  • Urban spaces provide great opportunities to play and learn. Can you create new experiences using urban gaming and augmented reality technologies that transform the way citizens are engaged in culture and with each other? Can you create a solution that will be used in places all around the world?

Key Facts

  • 4 day urban hacking event with training, hacking and hands-on public trials in Bristol
  • Developers, engineers, designers and many more creative minds working on the latest technologies
  • Top international speakers from creative industries and technology companies
  • Participants from all over the world (UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, and many more)


  • 1st place – Vouchers to the value of £1000 and opportunity to present in FLAME show
  • 2nd place “Creativity” – Vouchers to the value of £500
  • 2nd place “Technology” – Vouchers to the value of £500

Coordinator Comment

“Multimedia will dominate the next generation of Internet systems driven by citizens’ increasing participation and use of pervasive technologies to have fun, learn and understand the world. Success depends on establishing transformative media ecosystems that benefit everyone from consumers and content providers through to the operators of communications, transport and building infrastructures. Events like FLAME’s Urban Hacking are critical as they bring everyone together in a place where we can build our future together.”

Why Attend?

For Hackers

Push the limits of what was thought to be impossible! At the FLAME Urban Hacking event, you will feel the energy in the room while working hard to solve innovative tech challenges in teams formed during the event. Use your tech skills, develop mobile apps (Android/iOS) using HTTP-based web services, and expand your horizons! Your personal challenge is to work faster and more precisely than ever before! Mentors and scientific experts will be by your side and provide support whenever you need it. Great ideas that benefit society is your goal to create within these two days!

For Visitors

Allow yourself to be fully immersed in an international event with creative and engineering teams working to create urban solutions from emerging 5G technologies. High class international speakers will give exclusive presentations to seed discussions while demonstrations offer glimpses of how citizens will engage with media in urban settings over the coming years. The purpose of the FLAME Urban Hacking event is to bring together people with a passion for creativity, technology and media, and increase the ideas for innovative experiences emerging from an increasingly pervasive compute and networking infrastructure. The first day will be packed with sessions over all things technical, whilst on the final day you’ll get your hands on the technology itself, come and join us for the FLAME experience.


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