Media Fast Forward 2019

December 12, 2019 all-day Europe/Zurich Timezone
The Egg
Rue Bara 175
1070 Bruxelles

“We’re blind to fake news.” That’s what journalist Jamie Bartlett proclaimed on the stage of Media Fast Forward last year. A reasoning that Bartlett repeated in the Canvas programme ‘Facebook and I’. “A bigger challenge in addition to fake news is the fact that everyone can put together their own news diet. People cherry-pick true stories from mainstream media to confirm their own worldview.” Or how more stories and more information can lead to a narrowing instead of enrichment.

“Media used to be a mirror for society. Today it has become a Rorschach test.” Fredo The Smet, Curator Media Fast Forward

We’re picking up the thread from the last edition. Where the media used to want to hold up a mirror to society, today it has become a Rorschach test. An ink blot in which everyone reads a different version – their own version – of reality. Add this tendency to the observation that society is ageing and discolouring, and you soon get the feeling that we are talking and living side by side. Welcome to a world where everything is polarized. This year we are literally putting polarisation on the agenda. Under the title ‘Opposites Attract’, VRT wants to focus on the social responsibility of the media sector. Like every year, we want to bring people together. In addition to a conference, Media Fast Forward is a meeting place where media makers, technology experts and entrepreneurs can talk to each other. At a new location we will make even more room for workshops, masterclasses, meetups and networking moments with change makers from the local media and technology industry. That in addition to a conference with a surprising programme, all day long. See you then!