FLAME on film

Bring on the red carpet!
FLAME has released its first video, introducing the project and its goal to the world through infographics and commentary from Michael Boniface (IT Innovation Centre), Dirk Trossen (InterDigital), Monique Calisti and

FLAME tested in Bristol

InterDigital and Bristol-is-Open (BIO), in partnership with CTVC Ltd conducted their joint open trial from July 10th-30th. As part of the H2020 POINT project, the trial showcased a major innovation driving the FLAME platform as it is currently built, namely …


FLAME has initiated a number of standardization proposals with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). InterDigital, together with authors from Huawei, presented a revised version of the ICN (information-centric networking) deployment draft to the ICNRG, including strong references to the …