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By Margherita Facca / October 22, 2019

From the Desktop to User Trials

FLAME’s Devops Pipeline FLAME is enabling trials of innovative media applications with people in real-world locations. By creating and supporting...

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By Margherita Facca / September 24, 2019

EdgeTube: a groundbreaking solution for crowded events streaming

We went to Bristol with an innovative idea and returned with so much more than that. Following our victory on...

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By Margherita Facca / July 12, 2019

Be Memories, a new channel to disseminate the culture in short videos

Be Memories is an interactive tourist guide which uses IoT devices called Smart Spots to transform the cultural Point of...

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By Margherita Facca / May 27, 2019

RAISE Experiment – Augmented Reality Smart Guidance Application based on Edge Computing

The RAISE experiment implemented a novel application that offers enhanced guidance in urban environments and live AR video streaming. It...

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By Margherita Facca / May 14, 2019


V2X technologies have been evolving during many years, and they are almost ready for deployment. They are perfectly suited to...

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By Margherita Facca / April 23, 2019

Using FLAME in participatory media production of citizen based journalism

In the aftermath of past and recent events (such as the London Underground explosions, in July 2005, and the Paris...

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By Margherita Facca / April 15, 2019

Personalised live videos using TNO’s Prosumer framework & the FLAME platform

During the past five months TNO, one of FLAME’s first Open Call winners, has been building and testing the components...

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By Margherita Facca / April 3, 2019

Virtual Reality 5G Showcase over FLAME Platform

The FLAME platform played an important role for media delivery within the UK’s 5G Smart Tourism Project. This was demonstrated...

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By Margherita Facca / March 28, 2019

Bump into media with FLAME

In March, FLAME project partners the University of Bristol and VRT hosted an interactive FLAME-based media research study at Millennium...

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FLAME's Dirk Trossen and Monique Calisti at MWC
By Margherita Facca / March 5, 2019

FLAME and 5G at MWC

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the ultimate tradeshow in the mobile industry. Visited by more than 100,000 people and...

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