In this page you can find all the updates about ICT FLAME project.


By Margherita Facca / July 9, 2020

The future of 3D interactive web art & animation experiences is hyperlocal

With the modern capabilities of web browsers and open source 3d interactive web frameworks, we believe web browser experiences running...

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By Margherita Facca / July 2, 2020

medFLAME experiment concluded in Barcelona despite the unusual conditions

The medFLAME experiment aimed to validate a number of improvements for the end-user and the service operator resulting from the...

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By Margherita Facca / May 18, 2020

FC5 Live app to deliver in stadium content

As user media fruition is becoming more and more integrated, football clubs (and more generically sport teams) have greater opportunity...

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By Margherita Facca / May 11, 2020

SmartMEC results with FLAME

The Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) concept can significantly improve the QoS of video streaming services; however, the computing resources at...

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By Margherita Facca / March 31, 2020

V2Flame trial performed at Barcelona

The V2Flame experiment has performed in January 2020 the final trial, showcasing the use of V2X networks leveraging FLAME capabilities...

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By Margherita Facca / March 4, 2020

Successful Prosumer trial at Bristol’s Festive Market 2019

TNO’s localized crowdsourced live video production and distribution framework, the Prosumer framework, has been successfully validated during a trial at...

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By Margherita Facca / February 25, 2020

The Future of Mixed-Reality Game Infrastructure is Hyperlocal

With the rise of Mixed-Reality devices, Mixed-Reality games and the infrastructure necessary to play those games have a crucial role...

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By Margherita Facca / February 22, 2020

Mobile DASH Services using NFV for small cell networks

Mobile DASH services using NFV in small cell networks is considered an approach for future multimedia services that request for...

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By Margherita Facca / February 20, 2020

DIGI-HI Experiment – Digital Companion for Localised Interactions

In this experiment we have created the Say Hello an application for festival attendees for creating and locally sharing mix-media...

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By Margherita Facca / February 18, 2020

The IMRA experiment transformed the way viewers experience a marathon event!

The IMRA application aimed to enrich the viewer’s marathon experience, by providing personalized content on demand. Viewers in such events,...

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