In this page you can find all the updates about ICT FLAME project.


By david taylor / December 8, 2017

Exploring the FLAME platform architecture blueprint

The FLAME deliverable entitled "FLAME Platform Architecture and Infrastructure Specification V1" (D3.3.1) provides a first version of the component and...

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By david taylor / November 8, 2017

FLAME in the FMI ecosystem

In FLAME, we are building a platform for experimentation of advanced media products and services integrating new network paradigms, such...

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By david taylor / September 20, 2017

What FLAME brings to the end user

In previous blogs we’ve discussed the “groundbreaking media delivery platform” that we will build and the benefits that it brings...

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By david taylor / August 29, 2017

Media provider benefits of FLAME

In our last blog, we discussed the “groundbreaking media delivery platform” that FLAME will bring to smart city infrastructures throughout...

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By Margherita Facca / July 17, 2017

The FLAME Project – Transforming experience in digital media ecosystems

Digital media is everywhere. Sports, music, television, art, fashion, business, education, medicine, retail, safety, and just about anything people do...

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