V2Flame trial performed at Barcelona

The V2Flame experiment has performed in January 2020 the final trial, showcasing the use of V2X networks leveraging FLAME capabilities to share real-time videos to enhance the driver experience. The trial has used the FLAME infrastructure in Barcelona’s Pere IV and Llacuna streets.

The final architecture includes a Ficosa Carcom unit with Cellular V2X technology. This unit is working in the 5.9 Ghz range, and provides the triggering to the use case when a “Stationary Vehicle Warning” is received in the V2X network.

The Carcom unit is complemented with a HMI (Human Machine Interface) unit to provide the feedback to the user. This unit is connected to the FLAME platform, and obtains a real-time video stream to complement the V2X event information in the 7” screen. A map is also provided, showing the position of each vehicle.

If there is no warning, the HMI is showing the map and a simple music application. When the V2X message arrives, the right part changes to show the V2X warning and the video.

The trial has shown the potential of the solution. Intelligence has been added in the MEC (Mobile Edge Computer) to choose amongst the cars involved, discharging this part from the car and creating a more efficient deployment.

All the runs of the trial went fine, with good user experience, which will be even improved when 5G networks are all around.