The future of 3D interactive web art & animation experiences is hyperlocal

With the modern capabilities of web browsers and open source 3d interactive web frameworks, we believe web browser experiences running on mobile devices is the future for 5G. Hool was selected as one of the winning teams of the 3rd Open Call of FLAME to bring our web AR game technology to Bristol Millenium Square. FLAME provides a unique and innovative hyperlocal infrastructure that was used by Hool to test a pioneering mobile web AR experience for city-wide use.

FLAME, the innovative program within the Horizon 2020 framework of the European Union chose Hool to experiment with a new multiplayer web AR technology to spin up different performance areas (game rooms) to take control of their own virtual characters to perform with others in the FLAME infrastructure on Millenium Square in Bristol. We were interested in how location-based augmented reality (AR) can benefit from FLAME 5G infrastructure. By distributing services of our application we will take advantage of the edge computation to give our users faster and a more reliable service. Thanks to the FLAME experiment and after successfully testing an experience on Bristol Millenium Square we believe that the future of immersive web art infrastructure is hyperlocal.

The FLAME platform provides a truly new concept of how hyperlocal experiences can be scaled and provide a seamless and enjoyable immersive experience. Thanks to a local game state storage, our experience does not rely on a centralized server mirroring the global game state to everywhere all of the time. Using Flame, immersive XR companies will be able to collaborate with local businesses and events to help drive awareness and sales, by engaging people in urban environments with unique localised virtual content in a face to face way.

The FLAME infrastructure helps to scale immersive experiences in a fundamental way: the ability to reconfigure the infrastructure which triggers different game rooms to spin up when people move to different parts of a local environment. The load of virtual content within each game room can be distributed to additional local instances on servers closest to the player.

Chora ( A Multiplayer Web AR Experience )

Chora is a multiplayer augmented reality experience played on your mobile through a web browser. Take control of a creature and try to express yourself through movement. Explore and meet others to learn, create and share moves. As time goes on you and your fellow players develop a local style with their own nuances and complexities. When music plays sit back and watch or show off your moves.


Bristol based XR digital art studio produces web browser based XR experiences for people to buy, rent or trade.

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