medFLAME experiment concluded in Barcelona despite the unusual conditions

The medFLAME experiment aimed to validate a number of improvements for the end-user and the service operator resulting from the introduction of 5G edge processing in the Interactive Medical University (, which is a platform for improving the qualifications of doctors and medical students in various medical specialities. The validation in the experiment was supposed

SmartMEC results with FLAME

The Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) concept can significantly improve the QoS of video streaming services; however, the computing resources at edge nodes are still limited and should be allocated economically efficiently, as both stated in the academic literature but also as we have experimentally validated in previous works, when we deployed heavy WebRTC workloads on

V2Flame trial performed at Barcelona

The V2Flame experiment has performed in January 2020 the final trial, showcasing the use of V2X networks leveraging FLAME capabilities to share real-time videos to enhance the driver experience. The trial has used the FLAME infrastructure in Barcelona’s Pere IV and Llacuna streets. The final architecture includes a Ficosa Carcom unit with Cellular V2X technology.

Successful Prosumer trial at Bristol’s Festive Market 2019

TNO’s localized crowdsourced live video production and distribution framework, the Prosumer framework, has been successfully validated during a trial at Bristol’s Festive Market on the 5th of December 2019. The TNO’s prosumer framework, which leverages FLAME edge computing capabilities to provide users the ability to share their videos in real-time, was tested in Millennium Square,