Basic information

Title: Immersive Marathon Runner Application 2.0
Acronym: IMRA 2.0
Company: D-Cube
Trial/Replicator: Trial
Type: SME

Where: Bristol
When (time-plan): June to September 2020 (3 months)

Project summary

IMRA is a crowdsourcing mobile application that transforms the marathon spectator’s experience. It utilises user generated media content from multiple feeds to provide spectators with a personalized video summary on demand and a unique immersive experience of running events that take place within urban areas.

IMRA 2.0 will move beyond the Proof of Concept of IMRA and will scale efficiently so as to deal with multiple users, by taking full advantage of the FLAME platform’s offerings and thus offering the best possible Quality of Experience and Service. More specifically, IMRA 2.0 will a) exploit FLAME’s innovative features to make its services real-time and thus, serve efficiently the crowd demands and b) utilise multiple FLAME’s service design patterns in order to reduce the network burden while ensuring fast availability of media services.

More specifically, IMRA 2.0 has set the following objectives that will be addressed and measured through measurable KPIs:

  • O1: Develop IMRA 2.0 version that will be able to cope with multiple concurrent users
  • O2: Experiment with different FLAME design patterns, compare to cloud-based solution and provide feedback
  • O3: Dissemination of the solution

IMRA 2.0’s aim is to provide smart summarization of each runner’s effort showing only the most interesting moments of the race from multiple views in a most efficient way. The innovativeness of IMRA solution is based on state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms that have been shown to be accurate, robust and effective in creating smart video summaries of the athlete’s race. Overall, the 2.0 version of IMRA will refer to an innovative 5G solution that will be able to cope with a realistic use-case scenario with multiple users distributed across different geographical areas more efficiently than any cloud-based solution. The aforementioned concept is related to a business opportunity associated with running events and is expected to boost our capacity to deliver and commercialize it upon 5G network availability.

Check the IMRA blog post here and their blog post about FLAME from a developer’s perspective.